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It’s quite meaningless for one to enter into a debate on ‘which is great- the Modern system of medicine or Ayurveda’. Each stream has its own advantages and benefits. In fact, they are to exist in extreme harmony as the ‘line of  control’ is unclear as there are certain things in common. Sushruta is known as the first surgeon. He lived in the fifth century B.C. at a time when only Ayurveda existed. With steady and speedy advancements, modern medicines are undoubtedly the best option when it comes to life-saving surgeries etc. When maintenance of health matters Ayurveda takes center stage with various rejuvenation therapies.

Kerala Ayurvedic massage

Of these, the unique rejuvenation therapy of Kerala draws people from far and near to ‘God’s own country’. Ayurveda specifies therapies of different lengths. There are few Ayurveda treatments lasting up to 41 days. Often, its long duration prevents many from taking up these therapies in this busy world. The cost of Ayurveda treatment is also a factor. Over time, Ayurvedic massages have evolved as a solution for these problems. Ayurvedic massages can be taken as one massage session or for extended periods.


In this writeup we share the details of different types of Ayurvedic massages that a tourist can opt for a session. Normally it takes only between one to two hours. Tourists find this convenient as they get the benefits of an Ayurvedic massage without having to worry about time. We have also shared the price charged for this.

Different types of Ayurvedic massages  

  1. Sampoorna Abhyangam

Duration: Around 60 minutes

Cost: Starting at Rs.1300 per head

It is a full body massage including head and face. The therapist applies appropriate medicated oil and then massage. This is treatment is effective for normal body pain, increases blood circulation and reduces fatigue.

2. Sampoorna abhyanga swedam

Duration: Around 75 minutes

Cost: Starting at Rs. 1500 per head

In addition to full body massage, you get a steam bath also.

3. Massage with Kizhi

Duration: Around 90 minutes

Cost: Starting at Rs. 2000

Traditional treatment for whole body or any specific part of the body is made to perspire using boluses of leaves or herbal powder. It is effective for arthritis, sports injuries etc.

4.  Massage with sirodhara

Duration: Around 100 minutes

Cost: Starting at Rs. 2500

Very ancient style of treatment for headache, insomania ,stress etc. Therapist pours herbal oils on forehead in a special way and also performs full body massage with Ayurvedic oil.

5. Maha Karma therapy

Duration: Around 120 minutes

Cost: Starting at Rs 3000

This is a mix package like full body massage, Kizhi,Sirodhara, Steam bath etc.


It is important that after the massage, you should not take any physical strain. So, a tourist should after the massage should not go for sightseeing or walking. Also, remember that morning is best time for massage, but it can also be done in the evening. It is not advisable to do massage in the night.

Please let us know your requirements so that we offer assistance for you to get a good Ayurvedic massage in Kerala.

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